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Recent Events

Thalas Business Strategist Interviewed by The Wall Street Journal

In March 2008, Cultural Horizons Institute Partner and Thalas Business Strategist, Joseph James Chung was interviewed by The Wall Street Journal in regards to CHI's work with cultural competency training and Mr. Chung's role in the program. Wall Street Journal columnist Li Yuan also found Mr. Chung's childhood and bicultural upbringing particularly interesting. She writes: "Growing up with strict first-generation immigrant Chinese parents who rarely praised him and his siblings, Mr. Chung believes that he benefited from the mix between the Chinese culture of working hard and never being satisfied and the American culture of always getting awarded..." read article here.

World Affairs Council Mandarin Language Group

In February of 2008 the Cultural Horizons Institute will partner with the San Francisco World Affairs Council Mandarin Language Group to offer a workshop on fluency and naturalness of language use. Fifty students and young professionals will gather to explore the expression of emotion, intonation, and colloquial speech in their second languages. We are greatly looking forward to this event as it will be our first opportunity to facilitate for a large group that is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

CHI meets NY Times Bestselling Author, James Mann

CHI and James Mann

Cultural Horizons Institute's executive team is committed to keeping up to date with the varied perspectives on US/China political and economic relations. At a recent lecture sponsored by the World Affairs Council in San Francisco, we met NY Times Bestselling Author, James Mann whose book challenges the popular belief that economic development will automatically lead to political change in China. We believe holding and being able to express different opinions is crucial to the success of intercultural communication. We are currently expanding our library and creating a list authors whose writing is sure to challenge our students to think outside the box. We welcome any suggestions you may have.

University of California at Berkeley and
Future Business Leaders of America

On November 17, 2007, CHI offered a workshop to The Future Business Leaders of America in Berkeley on the famous Cal Campus. Over 100 students embarked on a journey of self-discovery, gained awareness about how each person brings something unique and valuable to the table. CHI was fortunate to work with such a large and diverse group of young people whose impact will be felt around the global for decades to come.

University of the Pacific

In October of 2007 Cultural Horizons Institute headed to the Central Valley of California to work with the Founders Scholars at University of the Pacific. These bright and talented students attended CHI's workshop on individual perspective in changing environments. The three-hour event helped these leaders take a look at their reactions to new situations while also building skills to work together as a cohesive group. The session ended with a fun lunch of Chinese take-out and fortune cookies, sponsored by our lovely host, Alissa!


Culture Tip:

The importance of Chinese guan-xi...

In the early phases of founding the Cultural Horizons Institute, I was describing the curriculum and business plan to a potential investor from Shanghai. With great care I went over in my best broken-Mandarin the carefully thought out details of our approach. Proud that I had gotten through the course description and decidedly ready to answer almost any question that came my way, I was unexpectedly caught off guard by her reply: “But how can I explain to the other investors the value of your program? How will you establish the value to them?” Confused, I struggled to re-explain the content, goal and financial viability of our work. After dancing around conversation in search of a satisfying for the next twenty minutes, I came to understand the nature of her underlying question.  What she wanted to know was: “Who are the publicly well-known endorsers? Who are the team members? With what prestigious university will you be affiliated?” In other words, tell me about your guan-xi – your relationships.


News Flash:

Wall Street Journal:
Personal Lives, Office Lives

Chinese draw the lines between personal and professional life differently than Americans do, and the idea of "colleagues" isn't the same in the two countries… READ MORE

By Li Yuan, published February 19, 2008

New York Times:

As American educators seek to emulate Asian pedagogy... Chinese educators are trying to blend a Western emphasis on critical thinking, versatility and leadership into their own traditions… READ MORE

By Ann Hulbert, published April 1, 2007.

New York Times:
Non Asians Show a Growing Interest in Chinese Courses

With its booming economy and aspirations to expand its global influence, China may have achieved a victory in American classrooms… READ MORE

By Natasha Degen and Winnie Hu, published November 29, 2006.


"I appreciated that the workshop allowed us to step back from our studies and reflect on life. I liked the critical thinking aspect of it and how there was not a black and white clear-cut answer. I also liked the environment that you tried to foster by understanding that people feel vulnerable in situations where they have to speak out in a large group." - University of Pacific Student, Fall 2007

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