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Competencies of the Cultural Horizons Institute

The Cultural Horizons Institute offers training to a variety of constituents on several different topics and skill levels.

Who we serve: 

Each area of training in the CHI curriculum is designed to meet participants at their level of understanding and is delivered in a way that fits their age and experience level. Whether your group consists of teens or corporate executives, our workshops are custom designed to suit your needs. 

K-12 Student Programs

K-12 Teacher Programs and Consulting

College and Continuing Education Student Programs

Young Professionals: Early Career Development

Young Professionals: Preparing to Work Overseas

Corporate Executives: Intercultural Competency in Management

Corporate Executives: Preparing to Work Overseas

Corporate Team Training Programs

Our Team of Experts

Cultural Horizons Institute trainers have expertise in the domains of business, education, executive coaching and inter-group dialog. We bring sound education and extensive experience in conflict mediation, intercultural communication, group cohesion, somatics, personal awareness and identity development. Click here for more information about Our Team.

What we serve:

Inter-Group Peace

Does your team move together as a cohesive unit dedicated to supporting one another? CHI will help your organization work together more effectively and harmoniously.

Cross Cultural Competency

Does your organization feel confident that it can handle the changing global market and the shifting cultural climate? Our training offers your group with chance to accept new challenges and accomplish great things in the international arena. 

Conflict Resolution

Are the members of your group able to confront tough issues and bring about a positive outcome? Through our training, your group will be able to see issues clearly as they occur and have the skills to turn a potential problem into an opportunity to thrive as a team. 

Travel Preparedness

Are your ready to navigate the changing conditions in travel? Will your team be able to move as a cohesive group when they are met with differences in culture? We will assist your group through the process. 

Business Across Borders

Is your team prepared to meet the challenges of international business? We will help your group understand the importance of knowing the assumptions they bring to new situations. Your group will see the ways that they can make room to discover new possibilities within the changing global economy. 

Somatic Coaching

Are you aware of how you appear to the world around you? Our innovative approach to team building and self-actualization helps participants "learn how they learn" and how they "show up" in the world. By gaining an awareness of habitual behavior and conditioned tendencies of thought, one can then make conscious choices in the future. 

Culture Tip:

The importance of Chinese guan-xi...

In the early phases of founding the Cultural Horizons Institute, I was describing the curriculum and business plan to a potential investor from Shanghai. With great care I went over in my best broken-Mandarin the carefully thought out details of our approach. Proud that I had gotten through the course description and decidedly ready to answer almost any question that came my way, I was unexpectedly caught off guard by her reply: “But how can I explain to the other investors the value of your program? How will you establish the value to them?” Confused, I struggled to re-explain the content, goal and financial viability of our work. After dancing around conversation in search of a satisfying for the next twenty minutes, I came to understand the nature of her underlying question.  What she wanted to know was: “Who are the publicly well-known endorsers? Who are the team members? With what prestigious university will you be affiliated?” In other words, tell me about your guan-xi – your relationships.


News Flash:

Wall Street Journal:
Personal Lives, Office Lives

Chinese draw the lines between personal and professional life differently than Americans do, and the idea of "colleagues" isn't the same in the two countries… READ MORE

By Li Yuan, published February 19, 2008

New York Times:

As American educators seek to emulate Asian pedagogy... Chinese educators are trying to blend a Western emphasis on critical thinking, versatility and leadership into their own traditions… READ MORE

By Ann Hulbert, published April 1, 2007.

New York Times:
Non Asians Show a Growing Interest in Chinese Courses

With its booming economy and aspirations to expand its global influence, China may have achieved a victory in American classrooms… READ MORE

By Natasha Degen and Winnie Hu, published November 29, 2006.


"I appreciated that the workshop allowed us to step back from our studies and reflect on life. I liked the critical thinking aspect of it and how there was not a black and white clear-cut answer. I also liked the environment that you tried to foster by understanding that people feel vulnerable in situations where they have to speak out in a large group." - University of Pacific Student, Fall 2007

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